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Moussa Koanda

Non-Executive Director – Eco-Oil Group, Burkina Faso

Moussa Koanda Burkina Faso

Mr. Moussa Koanda, is the non-executive director at Eco-Oil Group dealing with trading and distribution of petroleum products, buildings and public works.

Eco-Oil Group also deals with various other kinds of petroleum products, as well as goods like rice, sugar and oil for the consumption in the sub-areas along with raw materials like concrete, iron, cement, manufacturing and installation of photovoltaic panels, construction of roads and dams etc.

Moussa Koanda has been awarded the prestigious Order of ‘The Officer of Burkina Faso’.

He loves to play tennis in his leisure time. He is also involved in various philanthropic activities in the region.

He is also the non-executive director of Amko Trading in Geneva, Switzerland.

Address: 06 BP 9249 Ouaga 06, Burkina Faso.
Tel: +226 25308964

Website : Moussa Koanda - Personal Blog | Moussa Koanda - Amko Trading, Geneva
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